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 Welcome to IBHD, LLC

IBHD, LLC is dedicated to using the latest technology to develop oil and gas resources in the Illinois Basin. Our 3 managers and our key consultants have over 125 years of oilfield experience. 

Through Horizontal Drilling we can unlock previously un-recovered oil reserves in established proven reservoirs.  Explore our site to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

IBHD, LLC has finished drilling it's NEFU/Mascher #1 HOR.    It was completed natural with no stimulation and had an initial production of 95 barrels of oil per day with a trace of water on April 26, 2016.

We are planning on fracking the well in May 2017 by isolating several sections of the lateral and fracking each section individually.    It is our projection that the well's production will increase to 150 barrels of oil per day and eventually settle in at 30-50 barrels of oil per day.

IBHD, LLC has 5 additional locations on its acreage.   We expect the next well to be drilled in early fall of 2017.

The Oil Revolution is Here!



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