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Illinois Basin

  • The Illinois Basin is a geological feature that includes, Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky, and small areas in Missouri and Tennessee.

    The Basin has produced in excess of 4 billion barrels of oil with proven recoverable reserves of over 9 billion barrels not including shale reservoirs.

    The Vast Majority of wells drilled have been vertical wells.

    Horizontal drilling will revitalize the oil production by recovering by-passed oil in established oilfields and oil in tight reservoirs throughout the Basin.

    It is only a matter of time until shale production starts in the Illinois Basin.

    Update:  Two shale tests have been drilled in Southern Illinois.   While the results of the drilling are still cofidential we do know that completion as oil producers is planned.   The expectation is high as there was a great deal of excitement was evident from the companies immediately after drilling was completed

    The New Albany shale and the Maqouketa shale are the geological equivalent to the Bakkens and the Utica which have been prolific oil and gas producers in other regions. 

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